The Six Month Rule For Decluttering Your Life

I’ve moved more times than I care to admit. Ok, I’ll admit that since I have become an adult I have moved at least 10 times. I could count, but that would frustrate me, then I could go on a tirade… we don’t want that.

Each time I’ve moved I’ve said out-loud; “I am never moving all this crap again! This is it!”. Usually that was followed by the position that we have way too much stuff and moving it was extremely time consuming, costly and frustrating. Each time I’ve gone through old boxes, dresser drawers, filing cabinets, junk drawers and, if it wasn’t already in a move-ready box, it got shifted to a new box to be moved to the new house and put back in the same dresser drawer or new junk drawer.

This is insane! Why? Because most of the time I’m moving stuff that I don’t think about or even touch unless I’m putting it in a box to move it to the new place. Like I said, this. is. INSANE!

So, I think it’s time to initiate the “6 month rule”.

The rule basically goes like this:
If I come across anything that I haven’t seen, used or thought about for at least 6 months, it gets thrown away, sold or donated to charity.

This obviously doesn’t go for everything. I have a good set of tools that can come in handy under certain circumstances. I have cloths for different seasons that may not get worn but one month out of the year. I do have a few keepsakes that I am not willing to get rid of.

This would apply to items that have been given to us that don’t have a solid purpose. From where I’m sitting now, I see a figurine that my dad came across at a garage sale that he thought my son would like. It was well intentioned, and we are very grateful that for the thought and gift, but my son doesn’t really like it. It doesn’t fit any of his toys or collection. It lies on it’s side on a shelf (no care was taken to set it upright) instead of in my son’s room.

It’s things like this that should go. Half pencils, old DVDs that we’ll never watch again (no coincidence that they are mostly exercise videos), busted cables that I keep swearing that I’ll fix, that old pair of shoes that “might come in handy someday”. The list is long.

So, the 6 month rule is in effect. From this point forward if I come across anything that I haven’t had a need for in 6 months or more, it will leave my home. By force, if need be.

Do you have any methods for keeping the clutter at bay?

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