Stay Positive In Bad Situations

There have been some setbacks to my debt free way of life. I had the emergency room visit and my A/C unit needed a major repair. The two of them combined put me back quite a bit and was quite a blow to my enthusiasm.

Neither expense was devastating to my bottom line and goals, but they were enough to set me back quite a bit.

After the first event (emergency room visit) I was concerned. I knew it would set me back a bit, but it didn’t bother me a great deal. After the AC went out I started to sink a bit. My enthusiasm was had really taken a blow. Although I knew that they weren’t going to totally ruin my plans, my mind started working against me.

I started to think “What next?”. I knew that just as soon as I accepted the setback, I’d be hit with something else. This was a bad mindset to allow myself to get into. Immediately I started thinking “I might as well just spend, maybe buy a new car”. And I almost did.

Now, I know this isn’t nearly as bad a situation that many people are dealing with. This is small in comparison and I can hear many of you saying “Dude, quit your crying”. And that’s what has helped me snap out of it.

Since my minor financial problem I’ve had three friends lose a parent. One had gone in for a broken arm only to find out they were riddled with cancer and he died two weeks later. Whoa.

That really put things in perspective for me.

I was quickly reminded that we can’t let a bad situation get us down. It may sting a little, but you have to find the positive side of a bad situation. Having the right attitude can get you through almost anything.

In my emergency room visit there was some extensive scanning done. It could have shown all sorts of ailments or problems, but it came out clear. That’s awesome! In the case of the AC needing repaired, well, now at least I’ll be able to keep cool this summer and I could have had to replace the whole thing which would have been much more expensive. Both of these situations had a higher positive to negative ratio.

Sure there are situations that are going to really be devastating, but there is always something to be positive about. Find the good thing, no matter how big or small and focus on that. The right attitude and outlook on a bad situation will get you through it much better than dwelling on the negative.

What about you, are there some tricks you use to get through the bad times?

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